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Roly's Trucking Inc. Was founded in 1997 to provide transportation management and full service traffic movements within the USA and Mexico, with its corporate office in Irwindale, California.

You can rest assured that our trucks can get the job done.

Our team of dispachers will make sure that your cargo makes it to its

destination. They are well cooardinated with handling different tasks

such as tracking were your cargo is going, round the clock

monitoring, as well as having a well organized means of sorting out

the freight of all the clients we get to make sure that we place

your valuable cargo where it needs to be.


We provide shipments in 48 continental states.

Our dock crew will load your cargo efficiently and

quickly. The truck it is loaded on will then go off on its way. Our

trained drivers will make sure that your freight gets to where it

needs to be, on time.

13645 Live Oak Ln, Irwindale, CA 91706
800 E Berry St, Fort Worth, TX 76110

        Roly's Trucking